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If you have ever been to Idaho, then one thing probably stands out more than anything else. Not the beautiful mountains and rivers. No, this is something much better.....HUGE IDAHO POTATOES!

Now instead of traveling across country to find the famous spuds for your potato recipe of choice, you can have a box of Idaho Potatoes delivered RIGHT TO YOUR FRONT DOOR.

Why buy Huge Idaho Potatoes...

You can rarely find this size of potato outside of Idaho. These potatoes make a great impression at dinner parties, or can even be used in gift baskets for friends and family. They are perfect for baked potato, scalloped potatoes, and all other potato recipes. Each Idaho Potato that we sell is called a 40 count potato, which means that in a 50 lb box there are 40 potatoes.That means that EVERY POTATO IS OVER ONE POUND!

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